For Clients
Below you’ll find information about the process of hiring a lawyer for unbundled services. For FAQs about unbundled legal services and about the project, visit our FAQ page

Finding and Hiring a Lawyer through LCUP

Finding a Lawyer
To hire a lawyer, go to the Meet the Lawyers  page and look for lawyers in your community. Call or email one or two of the listed lawyers and arrange a time to meet with them. Make sure the lawyers know that you're looking to hire them for an unbundled legal service and ask if there is a consultation fee and how much that fee is.

When it's time to meet the lawyer, be sure to bring the documents and other materials that relate to your legal situation with you. Bringing copies as well as the original allows for the documents to be left with the lawyer if you choose to retain them. During the meeting: 
  • Explain your problem to the lawyer. 
  • Find out what needs to be done and what level of help the lawyer can provide. 
  • Find out what you will need to do on your case. 
  • Ask how the work the lawyer does will be billed 
Use the meeting to decide how you feel about the lawyer and their approach to legal problems and whether you feel confident in her abilities.

Hiring a Lawyer
If you decide that you want to hire the lawyer, ask the lawyer how much they think their services will cost. Ask how much money the lawyer needs to start work on your problem. Most lawyers will want to be given a deposit (called a retainer) before they begin. The lawyer may want you to provide a retainer that is equal to the amount they think the work will likely cost, especially if the work you want them to do is very brief or if the lawyer has agreed to be paid a flat rate for their services.

The lawyer will prepare a contract (called a retainer agreement) describing the terms of their services, including:
  • Their hourly rate
  • The tasks the lawyer will perform and the tasks you will perform.
  • Whether interest will be charged on unpaid bills
Before you leave, make sure you ask whether the lawyer:
  • If they have everything they need to get started, or whether there are more documents and information that they need to have first. 
  • When the lawyer will be able to start working on your problem.
  • To provide you with a copy of the retainer agreement
You don't have to hire the first lawyer you meet. You can shop around and make sure that the fit between you and the lawyer is right!

Resolving a problem
All lawyers in Saskatchewan are members of the Law Society of Saskatchewan. The Law Society exists to protect the public and make sure that lawyers perform their services in an ethical, competent way. If you have a problem with the lawyer you have hired, first try to talk them about why you are dissatisfied. Most lawyers are very concerned that their clients are happy with their work.

If you don't want to talk to the lawyer or feel it wouldn't be helpful, then contact the Law Society.

Please note: The Saskatchewan Legal Coaching and Unbundling Pilot Project is not responsible for the lawyers involved, the work they perform or for the amount they charge for their work. If you are unhappy with the lawyer you have hired, please contact the Law Society.

The Saskatchewan Legal Coaching and Unbundling Pilot Project would like to acknowledge John Paul Boyd and the Alberta Limited Legal Services Project as well as Mediate BC. The resources and information provided on the LCUP website were created and adapted from their work in this field.